Supreme Court rejects application to review Zamfara judgment



The Supreme Court has rejected an application seeking a review of its last judgment in which it voided the participation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its candidates in the last elections in Zamfara State.

A five-member panel of the court, led by Justice  Olabode Rhodes-Vivour, in a ruling, struck out the application filed by the APC, seeking a review of the judgment.

Justice Rhodes-Vivour in his lead judgment held that the application was incompetent and time-barred and the court has no jurisdiction in the matter.

“If all the necessary documents that are supposed to have been brought are not brought then the application is incompetent.

“The appellant only filed an appeal on only the lead judgment leaving the judgment by other members of the panel.

“The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over the matter because anything that has to do with pre-election matter must be brought within 60 days after a decision had been delivered,’’ he said.

Justice Rhodes-Vivour further held that the consequential orders made were part and parcel of the pre-election matter and it was an abuse asking the apex court to review its judgment or orders.

“We don’t seat on appeal over our own decision. We have no jurisdiction over this matter,’’ he said.

Lawyer to the appellant, Mr. Robert Clarke  had argued that the purpose of the appeal was for the apex court to take a second look at its decision and the consequential order.

He contended that the orders were made out of jurisdiction and had denied his client fair hearing.

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