Osinbajo gives assurance of Nigeria’s resurrection, progress


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has assured Nigerians that the country was on the path of what he called “resurrection and progress’’.

The Vice President gave the assurance shortly after the Easter Sunday Service at the Aso Villa Chapel.

According to the Vice President, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ implies that the country is moving out of its present challenges to a greater hope and peace.

He also stated: “The resurrection of Jesus Christ is also a strong and powerful message to the nation.

“The message is that our nation is on the path of resurrection, is on the path of progress, is on the path of elevation.

“We are moving out from all our challenges and we are going to a place of greater hope, peace and prosperity and abundance for all of us.”

The Chaplain of the Aso Villa Chapel, Pastor Seyi Malomo, who delivered a sermon on: “The Temporary Hour of Darkness”, also assured that “Nigeria is going to rise again”.

He said that the resurrection of Christ signified that darkness could only reign but for a while.

“According to the message today, darkness only reign for a while. No matter the evil, the problem we are facing, just as Jesus only laid in the grave for three days, all these will be over.

“As long as Jesus rose from the dead, we are going to rise again, even all of you listening to me,” he said.

He called on all Nigerians to emulate the life of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for the salvation of mankind.

He said: “In terms of sacrifice, we have to emulate the life of Jesus Christ. He sacrificed for mankind. And we are liberated and celebrating because he paid the sacrifice.

“We are all called to do our role in giving that sacrifice that will bring the liberation, the greatness of our nation.”

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